BLESS N°31 Ohyescoolgreat  / Montparnasse Tower, Paris, 2007

BLESS N°31 Ohyescoolgreat / Montparnasse Tower, Paris, 2007

Writer / Photographer / Creative Director of OBSCURA


About Irene

Irene Leung is a Hong Kong-based writer/photographer with 30+ published short stories and poems. She currently works as the Creative Director of OBSCURA at Silly Thing Co., Ltd. For the past 10+ years, after graduating with a degree in film studies, she has worked as Editor-In-Chief of CREAM Magazine, Creative Executive of COMME des GARÇONS Guerrilla Store (Hong Kong) and COMME des GARÇONS Buyer for I.T Apparels Ltd.

She gave birth to her son, Julian, in May 2016, and is now curious about exploring the art of slow living in motherhood.

原名Irene Leung,畢業於香港浸會大學傳理系電影科,過往曾擔任《CREAM》雜誌總編輯、COMME des GARÇONS Guerrilla Store(香港店)策劃人,其後加入I.T任職COMME des GARÇONS品牌時裝買手;現於Silly Thing擔任OBSCURA創意總監。

其較為人熟悉的筆名為夏侯露茜,創作範疇包括:寫作、攝影、書法等;另亦曾於2010–2015年在《Little Thing 戀物誌》以筆名陸瓷定期發表短篇小說及短詩,共約三十多篇。


Published Writings

  • Little Stories, a bi-monthly short story column, Little Thing Magazine, 2010 — 2015

  •  Twitter Stories, a series of flash fiction in 140 characters, Twitter, 2009

  •  Poetry Collection, a monthly poetry column, CREAM Magazine, 2002 — 2004


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